On Thursday evening, we were on the cusp of an unprecedented Corona-induced lockdown. But the horologically savvy London contingent were not put off and there was a full house at the Grand Seiko and Revolution party at the recently rebranded and refurbished Grand Seiko boutique on Brompton Road. The evening was hosted by Revolution and The Rake Founder Wei Koh and UK Editor Richard Holt. Once cleared through the strict door policy of a sub-37 degrees body temperature guests were treated to gin and tonics, Suntory whisky and sublime food by Akira Japan House whilst they perused the cabinets of high-end wrist watches by Grand Seiko.

Once the party was in full swing our host-with-the-most Richard Holt thanked the attendees for their presence during such interesting times and a short discussion with Wei Koh followed. The presentation was wrapped up by Seiko UK Managing Director David Edwards. One of the highlights of the event was Wei’s purchase of a Spring Drive Grand Seiko Snowflake, which he is delighted with and was eventually joined by his friend Johnny Allen who also bought one. A rare pair of matching wrist shots ensued!