The Tudor Black Bay Bronze One for Only Watch 2017 has been sold now for CHF 350,000!

Again, securing more than 75 times above the lower estimate of CHF 4,500. Bit of history repeating it self as with the Black Bay One from 2015, which went for close to a 100 times above the lower estimate.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay One
The Tudor Heritage Black Bay One, which sold for an unprecedented 375,000 Swiss Francs at Only Watch 2015

The second big performer this afternoon at the Geneva Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, already, has been the Patek Philippe 5208T, which sold for CHF 6,200,000. In 2015, the 5016A that was made for Only Watch that year, went for CHF 7,300,000. Talk about keeping things steady.

(Prices realized reported from: