Tudor has gained incredible momentum in the last couple of years. Although they are still Rolex’s little brother, their collection is no longer an emulation of Rolex. Taking a more independent approach to watchmaking, Tudor watches are no longer made with Rolex-cases with ETA-movements. Instead, the brand showcases their rich heritage with modern interpretations of their vintage watches. That leads not only to watches like the Black Bay, Heritage Chrono and the Pelagos, but also the Heritage Advisor.

tudor-heritage-advisor-1957The Heritage Advisor finds its roots in a watch dating from 1957 when Tudor introduced its original Advisor with its distinct alarm function. This function remains as the crux of the watch’s design but has been updated to meet the demands of current times. The diameter has been increased from 36mm to 42mm and the whole case has been given more body. This gives rise to a versatile watch that can be utilized as both a dress watch or a sports watch. Also, the fact that the Heritage Advisor is available in both a steel bracelet or a leather strap with folding clasp gives the owner the option to amplify its looks either way.

Tudor Heritage advisor black Of course, the updated case is not the only difference with the 1957 model. Powered by an ETA 2892, the watch is equipped with an exclusive module that not only displays the date at six o’clock but also a power reserve indicator for the alarm function and a button to turn the alarm on and off. This increases the functionality of the watch greatly over the options the 1957 model offered. The result is a modern day interpretation of the Tudor classic.

Tudor Heritage AdvisorThe Heritage Advisor is far more complicated than any Tudor in recent history. Unlike its predecessor, which only featured an alarm function, the current version of the Advisor is even more adapted to the needs of the modern day business world with its additional features. At the same time it still is, just like its predecessor, a watch that can not only take on the world, but look great doing so!

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