Over the past weekend, Montblanc announced a new TimeWalker timepiece that has brought the collection’s identity of aggression to a whole other level.

Dubbed, the TimeWalker Pythagore Ultra-Light Concept, the watch is a study in all things new-age. From the materials that are used for its construction, to its aesthetics – all seem to convey a purposeful intention in the maison wanting to really push the TimeWalker collection’s identity to the very edge of avant-garde.

Firstly, there are the materials that are used for the watch’s 40mm case: black DLC titanium for its skeletonized lugs and a another composite material that we’ve not possibly encountered in horology previously: ITR²®Kevlar®/Carbon elements, which is used for the middle case, case back, bezel and crown.

Now, ITR²®, or Innovative, Technical, Revolutionary Resin, is essentially a secret cocktail of new-age material charged with carbon nanotubes. The composite is said to be some eight times lighter than steel and four times lighter than titanium, which then forms the primary reason why the TimeWalker Pythagore Ultra-Light Concept amounts to a mere 14.88g. But Montblanc has gone a step further and put Kevlar®/carbon in the initial material concoction to really make the case material their own and also elevate its robustness. In keeping to traditions of horological decoration, however, the case is treated with alternating matt and satin-finishing that quite aptly compliments the superficial characteristics of the new-age materials.

Once we’re inside the case, we don’t necessarily see a traditional dial, but we have an unadulterated view of the caliber MB M62.48. Here the movement’s titanium mainplate and bridges (visible through the caseback) are extensively skeletonlized to further add to the watch’s lightness. Even the anthracite subdial has been made of anodized aluminum, and is likewise skeletonized.

The inspiration behind the new caliber MB M62.48 is a historical movement from Minerva known as the Calibre 48 Movement.

The Caliber 48 was the created in 1943, by one Andres Frey who sought to use Pythagoras’ golden ratio in his design of the movement’s bridges and overall architecture. The MB M62.48 uses the same Pythagorean ratio in its architecture, made apparent by the shape of its bridges, which are reminiscent of the Caliber 48’s. Albeit, owing to the skeletonization on the movement, this is a decidedly modern reinterpretation of the original Caliber 48.

At SIHH 2016, when Montblanc showcased the TimeWalker ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph, it already signalled the maison’s intentions in wanting to put some serious punch into the TimeWalker collection. Now with the unique piece, Pythagore Ultra-Light Concept, we see that Montblanc is also exploring its capabilities in avant-garde watchmaking that utilizes novel materials. What remains to be seen then is what the maison will be able to create, once it combines its existing know-how of high horological complications and this new venture into new-age composite materials.

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