Collecting watches is one thing, but storing them safely is something else. It actually does’nt matter if it’s a collection of three four watches or a dozen, we’re taking about, there comes a moment that they need a better place than the drawer of a nightstand, or in a cardboard box when travelling.

Nowadays there are plenty of solutions, from simple travel cases that store one to four watches, to high end boxes with electric watch winders, to keep the automatic calibers running. Let’s start with small travel cases. Collectors often meet together, at the so called GTG’s (GetToGethers) and bring some of their watches. In the early nineties there was not much choice and to my knowledge Cartier was one of the first, if not the first, that had a watch roll in their collection, that could hold up to four classic style watches, or two Panerai style watches.

– Cartier – from the eighties and not available anymore –

In the meantime this concept has been adopted by many brands and it’s now the most popular case to travel with. Cartier used two separate cushions in their case, while all other brands I have seen, have just one, large cushion. Personally I do prefer the two cushion system, since it’s way easier to get a watch out of the case. Unfortunately the case by Cartier was only on the market for a year or so and is now not available anymore.
But there are now enough other very good solutions available.

Louis Vuitton makes their version of the watch roll in various materials. Their canvas is well known from their famous hard cases and bags, is very strong and water resistant.

– Louis Vuitton – price indication US$ 795.- –

The case with the classic brown logo motive, was the first model introduced, but now it’s also in the more masculine brown or graphite Monogram motive available. In Taiga leather it’s a bit more pricy and is more comfortable to handle, since it’s less stiff.

The British company Smythson is well known for their leather (travel) accessories and offers different solutions. The stylish Smythson watch roll is available in plain leather as well as a croco print version.

– Smythson – price indication Euro 380.- –


Dunhill has also an interesting option. This chassis embossed leather watch roll is a smart example of Dunhill’s work. Featuring a soft suede lining and padded roll to protect your timepieces.

– Dunhill – price indication Euro 275.–


Daines & Hathaway is another British company that’s long been around, producing leather accessories. To be more precise, the company was already established in 1922.
Their travel watch rolls all have the same dimensions but come in various types of leather like;

– Daines & Hathaway – price indication: Euro 140.- –


Black lizard, Earth black, Rusty blaze, Explorer brown, Conquest lilac.
The cases are sturdy build, are suede-lined and cushioned, to ensure the safe transportation of your watches and offer value for money.

The last watch roll we mention is made by Kennon & Company. This brand produces a very affordable ruggedly handsome watch case, with basket weave accents in genuine leather. Kennon & Company is a US based brand, but can be bought best on line, since it’s not worldwide available. The cases come in black or dark brown leather.

Kennon&Company $115
– Kennon & Company – price indication: US 115.- –

– Travel cases –

A strong and lockable travel watch case that hold more than four watches is another option to go for.
Famous trunk makers like Goyard and Louis vuitton have excellent solutions. Both companies produce the best cases, that last more than a life time and they actually get nicer and nicer, over the years.

Goyard was founded in 1792 and was specialised in box making and trunk making. Nowadays the company is famous for it’s bags and accessories, but still produces trunks and suitcases, also as customised orders. Goyard is still a pretty niche brand and sells their products only in their 13 Goyard boutiques worldwide.
I have seen a few of their watch cases, but keep in mind that these products are usually unique items or very limited edition items, 1 to 5 pieces maximum, that will not be in stock in every Goyard Boutique. In fact these watch cases are sold almost exclusively at the Goyard ‘Chic du Chien’ boutique at 352, Rue Saint-Honoré, right accross the street from the Goyard flagship store at 233.

– Goyard watch case –

These ‘mini trunks’ can be customised to your needs and can also be mono grammed. Naturally they are made out of wood, like the early years and covered with strong canvas, with the typical Goyard motive. There are 13 different colour schemes to choose from.

Louis vuitton produces a few different watch cases, that are usually in stock in the larger boutiques. As with their watch roll, these cases come in the logo- or in the brown or black Damier motive. Louis Vuitton only sells their products through their own boutiques world-wide.

– Louis Vuitton Watch case – price indication: Euro 3800.- –

– Home storage –

The following cases are made to be used at home, they are not as strong and sturdy as the travel cases and deserve a place on a bookshelf or bed table and can of course be put in a home safe. The variety is huge and so is the price range. There are very good and affordable cases offered by the large department stores and there are ‘pieces of art’ cases, made by the luxury brands.

Smythson offers a simple and stylish watch box, that holds up to 6 watches. Made in black pigskin and an engraved silver Smythson lock. Dimensions are W21 x H22 x D9cm, so small enough to fit into a home safe.

– Smythson – price indication: Euro 750.-


Flat and simple is the following watchbox from that same Hamilton collection. It holds five watches and measures W32 x H13 x D8cm. Like the model pictured above, it’s also covered with pig skin and has a camel nubuck lining.

– Smythson – price range Euro 550.- –

For automatic watches Smythson offers a Rotary watch box for two watches in calf leather.
There are two watch compartments with battery operated rotary mechanism, five cufflink compartments and camel nubuck lining. Dimensions: W26.5 x H18.5 x D14cm

-Smythson – Rotary Watch Box – price indication: Euro 2570.- –

This box is also available in light blue calf leather, with camel nubuck lining or in alligator skin for around
11000.- euro. Delivery times of this exclusive version, will be extended, due to the CITES certification, that you will need, in order to get it through customs in your country easily.

The Italian based and well known brand Scatola del Tempo, was founded in 1989. The company specialised since the beginning in watch cases, travel cases and there top of the line rotary watch cases. We recommend to visit their website, since their collection is impressive, in leather as well as in wood and their website has information in length, about all their products.

– Scatola del Tempo –

The following three boxes offered by Cartier, are incredibly made and they belong at a place in the home where they can be seen well, a side table, bookshelf or something like that.

Exceptional Calendar Decor Watch Box in black sycamore wood with palladium finish, silver colour metal decor. the interior is made in black Alcantara. The box measures 30 x 24.5 x 12.5 cm and hold up to 8 watches.

– Cartier – price indication: Euro 3975.- –

Transatlantic Rivets Decor Watch Box in rosewood marquetry, with silver coloured rivets decor. Like the previous model, also this box is lined with Alcantara. It hold up to 8 watches, there is one compartment for accessories and the dimensions are measures 30 x 24.5 12.5 cm.

– Cartier – price indication: Euro 3950.- –

Watch Box With Rail-Track Decor in black lacquered sycamore wood and details with palladium finish, and black Alcantara lining. Same dimensions and interior as the previous boxes: 300 mm x 245 mm x 125 mm.

– Cartier – price indication: Euro 4525.- –

Please note that this series of three watch boxes by Cartier, are produced in very limited productions and are not in stock at every boutique.

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