WatchBox, the world’s preeminent ecommerce platform for pre-owned luxury timepieces, is expanding into the heart of fine watchmaking: Switzerland. Yes, once again the virtual world will be gaining a foothold in the real one. Our new neighbours – Revolution’s Swiss offices are in Geneva – will open for business in scenic Neuchatel in the first quarter of this year. Appropriately, this WatchBox Swiss expansion is but the first stop in a planned conquest of Western Europe, with divisions planned for the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. WatchBox confirms that these expansions will be in play early this year.

Why a physical location for an electronic business, the sleuths among you may ask. Well, the folks at WatchBox have a ready answer for this. WatchBox maintains that integrating offline operations with its ecommerce platform is key in major global markets, as demonstrated in the USA and Hong Kong. Encouraged by success in these two competitive markets, WatchBox co-founders Danny Govberg, Tay Liam Wee and Justin Reis upped their game.

Govberg explains it in the press release this way: “The pre-owned luxury watch category is in a constant state of expansion, and WatchBox offers the consumer a trusted partner for buying, selling and trading luxury pre-owned timepieces, with the highest levels of client service and a thoughtful understanding of market-specific needs and trends.”

In Switzerland, these needs will be served partly by a showroom for private appointments and a venue for events, all integrated into a lovely location that boasts a view of Lake Neuchatel. The new Watchbox Swiss headquarters promises both discretion for collectors and enthusiasts, as well as elevated global visibility for the rapidly growing business. What really caught our eye about this new Neuchatel location are the planned media and video production facilities, which will mirror the set-up WatchBox has successfully deployed in the USA with WatchBox Studios. We shall definitely have to pop in for a visit.