In aid of footballer Wayne Rooney’s namesake Wayne Rooney Foundation, last month Hublot co-hosted a Testimonial charity match in his honour at Old Trafford Stadium.

On the subject of his Foundation, Rooney affirms to Revolution: “I have been so fortunate in the amazing support and opportunities I’ve had since I was a child.

So many youngsters just don’t get the backing or the chance to achieve goals in life and I felt it was time for me to put something back.”

He continues, “I set up the Wayne Rooney Foundation to run events to raise money for organisations supporting disadvantaged, vulnerable children and young people. Our target is to raise a total of £5million.”

The Manchester United captain goes on to say “Hublot have agreed to become a partner of the Wayne Rooney Foundation and support us in our aim to raise the £5million. It’s really generous of them and I’m delighted that such a prestigious brand will be present at all of our events.”

As a part of this support Hublot has, naturally, produced in collaboration with Rooney a limited edition comprising 67 watches, donating the entire run to the sportsman’s charitable endeavour.

Describing the collaboration as “a very straight forward process” Rooney states, “once we had agreed to work together the Hublot designers came up with some initial designs which I gave my input on.

When I received the first sample of the finished watch it was exactly as I would want it. The watch has some unique changes to it but at the same time is still classic Hublot.”

Called the Classic Fusion Special Edition ‘Wayne Rooney’, 65 pieces have been produced in titanium and two in Hublot’s unique King Gold – an alloy “even redder than traditional 5N Red Gold” containing platinum and a higher percentage of copper.

As its name suggests the watches are based on Hublot’s Classic Fusion timepiece. Updates to the wristwatches include a prevalent Man Utd-red colour scheme, digital “10” o’clock hour marker (a reference to Rooney’s shirt number) on an otherwise stick index dial and a caseback engraving clearly identifying it as one of Mr. Rooney’s Special Edition watches.

More information can be found on the Wayne Rooney Foundation here:

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