What if James Bond was a watch? For the record, I’m talking here not about the literary James Bond as penned down by Ian Fleming, but the hero from the silver screen as portrayed by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. No, not Daniel Craig, because my James Bond is that sophisticated one man army that can light a cigarette and take out a couple of bad guys in one single, elegant motion…without messing up his hair. My James Bond is a kind of super hero that saves the world with sophistication, and is not a Jason Bourne with a better tailor.

Daniel CraigTranslating my James Bond into a watch, leads first past a few obvious choices, yet ultimately to an unexpected candidate. First one on the list is of course Rolex. While the Explorer was most likely Ian Fleming’s choice, Connery, Moore and Dalton preferred the Submariner. Lazenby was actually lucky enough to wear a pre-Daytona chronograph, but then he was, and always will be, in a class of his own amongst the Bond-actors yet never truly got the credit for it. Moore also had to wear a vast array of digital Seiko’s, much in the same way as that he had to suffer from not driving an Aston Martin. He got that chance before when he was still an “Avenger”, driving the DBS opposite of Tony Curtis’s Ferrari Dino, and we can hardly call a Lotus Esprit a poor choice (especially not when it can turn into a fully functional submarine!). The Seiko’s deserve that same light, because they were quite cool in the 70’s and 80’s. After a short return to the Submariner, it was time for Omega to take over the wrist of the worlds most famous secret agent, a position that they are holding up to today.

Rado Hyperchrome6But although all viable candidates, they have one problem. Each and every one of them can take a beating, and still be up and running, but it would show as clearly as Craig’s dirty and torn Brioni. I’m looking for a watch that can take an enormous beating with the grace to look as if nothing had happened. A watch that can take a beating like the old Bond’s; save the world from mass destruction and you’d only have to adjust your bow-tie before you take the Bond girl out for dinner. A watch like the Rado Hyperchrome.

Rado Hyperchrome3Of all the watches out there, even among others within Rado’s collection, the Hyperchrome is the most likely candidate to be James Bond if he was a watch. The secret to this can of course be found in Rado’s High Tech ceramic, which can handle a highly abusive lifestyle without showing any signs of it. The Hyperchrome goes to that extent even further than other Rado’s, with its high tech ceramic Monobloc case, that has a hardness rating of an impressive 1250 Vickers (more than five times that of stainless steel). The same material is also used for the bracelet. Although offered in different colors, especially the grey/black chronograph version is James Bond-cool.

Rado Hyperchrome2Inside the Rado Hyperchrome we find a work-horse movement; ETA’s 2894-2, which is essentially ETA’s 2892 with a chronograph module. Yes, exactly the same ETA 2892 that powered Brosnan’s Seamasters! Some might argue that a ETA/Valjoux 7750 is even more sturdy than the ETA 2894-2, but the elegance of the tri-compax lay-out is by far a better fit to the lifestyle of James Bond. An active lifestyle, a destructive lifestyle, but at least your watch will show no marks of it!

Martin Green
Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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