WOLF has a history of 184 years and is in the very capable hands of Simon Wolf, the fifth generation of Wolfs, from the headquarters in Los Angeles (one of three facilities in the world). Still family-owned and operated, WOLF is now active in more than 65 countries around the world and is the acknowledged leader in watch organization, travel storage and watch winders. Revolution.Watch is proud to offer the best, curated products from this incredible company.

About WOLF

German silversmith Philipp Wolf I started the WOLF company in 1834 when he discovered that his silver pieces sold more when presented in beautiful boxes. When he saw that he was selling more boxes than silver jewelry, he decided to concentrate on this business, protecting and displaying treasures like jewelry, watches and cufflinks.

Today, WOLF is the acknowledged leader in watch boxes, jewelry cases, watch winders, watch cabinets and more.

Wolf Winders

The Revolution.Watch Curated Products

The Blake Watch Roll

this watch roll is perfect for traveling with your watches, with its top grain leather and soft lining, all designed to protect your watches while on the move. The patented Watch Guards inside make sure your watches stay in place and don’t bang into each other. The Blake Watch Roll closes securely with a snap and can hold up to three watches.

Wolf Winders

The Howard Valet Tray

If you have a few watches, you know you need something to keep them organized at home. Enter the Howard Valet Tray, in beautiful pebble leather, offering storage for your watches, cufflinks and even a tray with an outlet for a USB charger. It has everything you need to keep your watches and accessories in the right place.

Wolf Winders

The Howard Watch Box

Need something larger for your collection? You should consider the Howard Watch Box. With seven watch compartments, accompanying watch cuffs, an eight-compartment cufflink tray and one large storage compartment, the Howard Watch Box, with its locking glass cover, helps you store your watches and accessories securely while still being able to admire them. The Howard even comes with one WOLF travel wrap for traveling.

Wolf Winders

When asked why Revolution.Watch readers should consider WOLF, Simon Wolf responded: “If a watch is not on your wrist it needs to be kept in a safe place, you wouldn’t just leave your Aston Martin DB9 outside on the curb! Your watch is a precious thing and it should be kept safe.”

Amen to that.